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The line-up for this year’s edition of the annual Thrash and Burn tour has been announced, and it’s terrible; so terrible that I don’t even have any witty way of expressing it’s terribleness. So I’m not here to make more jokes at the expense of some deathcore bands; I hope they all have fun on the tour, and I hope everyone who attends the tour has a terrific time, and I hope that all parties involved cherish the memory forever and ever and ever.

I would, however, like to discuss the fact that, as was the case with this year’s Summer Slaughter trek (which is organized by the same folks who do Thrash and Burn), fans are being asked to vote for one final band to join the bill. Because while some of the candidates are awful (Dr. Acula, The Devastated, etc.) and I don’t know some of the candidates enough to have any real opinion of them, one of the candidates is a band I actually like: White Arms of Athena.

Which is why I am here to ask you to please vote against White Arms of Athena being on this bill.

Now, presumably, both White Arms of Athena and their label, Prosthetic, would like for the band to be on this tour. I’m sure it would be good exposure for them. And as a business person, I understand that, and I understand that I should, in fact, be rooting for them to win the open spot.

But as a fan with no understanding of anything other than the concept that I want bands I like to be on tours I like, I really, really want White Arms of Athena to lose, so they can go be on a tour I will actually see, so that I will, y’know, get to see them.

The good news for the fan in me, then, is that as of this writing, White Arms of Athena don’t seem to have a real chance of winning anyway, because the people excited for this package have predictably terrible taste: all the votes I see right now are for Volumes, Betraying the Martyrs, and Dr. Acula. So it looks like I might get to see WAoA sometime soon.

Vote for any other band besides White Arms of Athena here or here. Dates for the tour should be released soon, for those of you who do want to attend.




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