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Hull are one of our favoritest Brooklyn metal bands. We’ve been covering them since WAY back when, we included a song of theirs on Volume 2 of our free NYC Sucks compilation, and if we’ve rocked out to their suspense-filled, wall-of-sound live sets so many times that Hull and Hull alone are probably responsible for giving me and Axl noticeable hearing loss. So today let’s allow the Village Voice’s Christopher Weingarten to sing the praises of their new album Beyond the Lightless Sky:

Its 11-minute suites and placid interludes detail a Mayan-themed epic that mixes the savage chug of Southern doom with Brooklyn-hewn misanthropy—although it is occasionally inspired by what Palmirotto says is “The struggle and hope that is life.” The roiling, nine-minute “Fire Vein” is the album’s most punishing track, mixing a skin-scraping Eyehategod groove, some disjointed Harvey Milk life-sludge, serene breaks of Mogwai gargling acid moonshine and a coda that marches right into the sun.

Have a listen to the “roiling, nine-minute ‘Fire Vein’” over at Village Voice’s website. Like most Hull songs, it constantly sounds like it’s about to end but just. keeps. going. which only serves to up the epic factor and increase the suspense. Check out the album’s title track, previously released, here.

Beyond the Lightless Sky comes out on October 11th via The End Records. Pre-order it here, including a number of sweet bundles.


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