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The first time I ever heard the term “panterdactyl” was in this interview that Metal Injection conducted with The Red Chord’s Guy Kozowyk back in 2008. Kozowyk was referring to that kind of wiggerish hand movement that some bands/fan indulge in… I dunno really know how to describe it, but it’s that thing where people kinda raise their arm in the air, bend the arm, and move their hand up and down in time with the music, if that makes sense. Think about Koko B. Ware and you’ll get the idea. You’ve definitely seen frontmen do it before.

ANYWAY, as I learned via our friend Mark Vieira on Twitter today, there actually is a band in Los Angeles called Panteradactyl. On their Facebook page, they describe themselves in this simple manner: “We dress up like dinosaurs and play Pantera songs.” And they’re not kidding. Look:

They even use dinosaur-themed stage names; the guitarist calls himself “Dime-O-Saur” and the bassist goes by the moniker “T-Rex Brown,” for example.

Which, like all clever gimmicks — writing under the pseudonym “Axl Rosenberg,” for example — is funny for about five seconds. Still, I did find the below video of the band on YouTube, and they actually sound pretty good. The image is way dark, so I can’t see if vocalist “PterodacPhil Anselmo” actually ever does the panteradactyl as one of his stage moves or what, but I’m guessing not; that would be untrue to the spirit of actual Phil Anselmo, after all.



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