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“Put down your drumsticks. We’re taking a picture.”
“But what will I do with my hands?”
“Just figure something out!”

A reader named Josh directed us towards “Yiddish Metal Pioneers,” Gevolt. And while the idea of metal performed in a very funny-sounding language that I grew up around is of great appeal to me (At last, the Jews shall have an answer to Rammstein!!!), this Israeli outfit is not very good.

The problem is that Gevolt can’t decide if they wanna be a late twentieth-century nu-metal band or an early twenty-first century metalcore band, but they don’t really do either very well so it basically doesn’t matter. To be fair, they’re not, like, Shitstain on the Ass of the Universe bad, but, uh… well watch this video and see for yourself:

So, yeah. Not good.

If anyone happens to know of any actually good metal bands that just so happen to sing Yiddish, by all means, let me know. In the meantime, if you feel so inclined, you can get more info on Gevolt here.





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