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Label – 20 Buck Spin
Release Date – mid-2012

Certain bands will always stay with you, almost as if the sounds they create and share stick to your bones, get caught in your lungs, or make nests in your atria. Semi-outlandish description, maybe, but there aren’t many other ways I can convey the way Samothrace made me feel upon first listen. My heart nearly stopped from excitement when I learned that a new album was in the works, and the grin on my face must’ve been of the shit eating variety. Between you and me, quite frankly, I think I pissed my pants.

If you’re already familiar with Samothrace, you know that their catalog isn’t especially vast — they’ve only release one full length, Life’s Trade, and that was years ago. Bearing this in mind, after some time passed without hearing any news from this ensemble, I was getting worried we’d never be graced with a new chapter of their infectious, droning ambiance. Thankfully, they’re not ready to leave us quite yet, giving listeners another opportunity to invite a healthy dose of crippling heaviness to inhabit both their eardrums and arteries.

The album is being produced by Brandon Fitzsimmons (former member of the gone but not forgotten Wormwood) and is apparently shaping up quite nicely.  With what we heard on their demo (a track from which, titled “When We Emerged,” is being revamped for the new record), as well as Life’s Trade, it’s hard to imagine anything more atmospheric – yet I’ve been told the band is progressing that way with the yet unnamed release. The fact that inspiration-wise “the sound of rolling thunder” was an integral aspect of the recording process is getting me even more stoked. And the promise of a tour afterwards!? Can’t… handle… this…

Still, the Seattle sludge quartet are only in the early stages of production. The album is said to hopefully be released sometime mid-2012 via 20 Buck Spin, and you better believe I’m waiting with baited breath for any and all album updates. While the wait will be difficult, I know in my heart of hearts it will be well worth it, and doom will prevail. Here’s hoping I don’t get a backlogged sludge-induced aneurysm before then.


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