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I’m going to put about as much effort into this introduction as Randy Blythe is putting into his presidential campaign. That’s actually probably not fair to Blythe, who skateboarded and had someone film him for that ad; I’m really just going to sit here on my ass and not care very much.

ANYWAY, we begin today with “Arguing With Thermometers,” the latest clip from Enter Shikari. Now, normally, I do not think very highly of this band, and feel that entirely too many of you e-mailed us about it when they recently streamed their new album (or something… I did not read the e-mails very carefully once I saw the words “Enter Shikari”). The band has fun with it and actually seem to have some comedic chops, and the shots and editing demonstrate that the director actually put some thought into it, which, hey, really pays off sometime. I was hooked pretty much from the triple-camera-turn at the :24 second mark. Nice work, Enter Shikari.

Next up we have “A Rose For Epona,” the new video from Eluveitie. Normally I like this band, but I am really not feeing this song. And while the video isn’t terrible, there’s nothing really memorable about it, either. So, this is basically meh across the board.

And we conclude today with Sólstafir’s new clip, for the song “Fjara.” I’m sure some people are gonna think this video is way pretentious, but I actually think it’s quite beautiful, and the imagery compliments the music very nicely. Both Corey Mitchell and Wolvhammer’s Heath Rave put Sólstafir’s most recent release, Svartir Sandar, on their respective 2011 year-end lists, and shame on me for not checking it out sooner… ’cause now I most definitely want to.


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