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So yesterday, now-former Chimaira guitarist and current Six Feet Under six stringer Rob Arnold tweeted that “Work has begun on the new project with” Andols Herrick — the twice-departed Chimaira drummer whose most recent split with the band came about over a year ago and was announced this past April — and posted the above photo, I guess in case there was any doubt that, yes, work has indeed begun on a new project with Herrick. (Although this picture, which was posted a little while later with the caption “Metal is timeless,” is much more fun.)

And, hey, it’s no secret that I’m a massive Chimaira fan — so it’s not like I bummed that these dudes are working on something new together. I am, however, a little surprised. ‘Cause remember what Herrick said following his second departure from that band? Here, I’ll remind you:

“The short story is that the guys had taken issue with certain aspects of my role in the band. Nothing discussed was out of anger or anything personal, but I was definitely not expecting it and it was quite the spirit crusher for me. The decision was made that it would be in the band’s best interest to move forward without me.”

In all fairness, he also added that “there was no ill will between” him and his Chimaira bandmates… but, still, I wouldn’t have read that above statement and thought, “Hey, these fellas will be working together soon in less than twelve months.”

(Side note: I also think it’s funny that Arnold keeps shifting the drummers he works with around. Herrick was in Chimaira, and is now is working on a new project with Arnold; Austin D’Amond, who plays drums with Arnold in The Elite, is now in Chimaira; and Kevin Talley, who was also in Chimaira for a spell, is now working with Arnold in Six Feet Under. I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time now until Herrick is in The Elite, Talley is back in Chimaira, D’Amond is working on something new with Arnold.)

ANYWAY, I’ll obviously be more than a little curious to hear what Arnold and Herrick come up with. Hopefully we’ll get a taste of new music soon.

In the meantime, Arnold helped write, and plays on, the new Six Feet Under album, which is scheduled to be released later this year via Metal Blade. He also said via Twitter yesterday that there would be more new music from The Elite in the future. So, glad to see the guy is keeping busy!


[via The PRP]

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