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When Filter mainman Richard Patrick went into rehab in 2002, it marked the end of the industrial-rock band’s rad second line-up. That means it’s been about a decade since the Filter that made Title Of Record (super classic!) and The Amalgamut (epic!), and since then jeez I haven’t caught sight of Patrick’s old team like at all. Which is surprising, cuz drummer Steve Gillis is a stud (here) and guitarist Geno Lenardo co-wrote this phase of Filter’s biggest (here) and biggest-selling jamz (here).

So I expected good action from those dudes as Patrick teamed with the Stone Temple Pilots brothers and future Korn drummer Ray Luzier for Army Of Anyone (2006), then reformed Filter with a new whack of sober bros in 2008. And at last, there’s Lenardo with Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm on a jam (above) from Underworld Awakening. Awesome I’ll take it — even if it’s a one-off single fronted by a caterwauler 4 Christ and hatched as promotion for a movie that according to “Heavy Prey” might be about a sexy latex fetishist bent on systematic genocide of peace-loving dog peoples on the moon.

I might be off on that, but I know for sure that the soundtrack features two more Lenardo tracks and another lovable sideman, Danny Lohner (Skrew, Nine Inch Nails) on remixes of Sturm’s high school drama class colleagues Evanescence and Linkin Park. Oh and lolz there’s a 100% drug-free Ben Weinman remix of Lacuna Coil.


The Underworld Awakening soundtrack is in stores tomorrow and online now

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