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Not being a regular BBC listener, I’m not familiar with the show Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone — but I will say that, at this very moment, I am both very grateful to and very angry at Mr. Maconie. Grateful because last night, he debuted an awesome, strange-as-fuck new Sigh song, “The Transfiguration Fear,” which will appear on their upcoming album, In Somniphobia. And angry because this dude who apparently has no idea who the fuck Sigh are has gotten to hear In Somniphobia  before I have. Bastard.

ANYWAY, the song is what’s important, obviously, and if it’s any indication of the rest of In Somniphobia‘s quality, we’re in for another treat from my favorite Japanese band. Imaginary Sonicscape-esque sci-fi keyboards? Glorious Dr. Mikannibal saxophone? Congas? Classic rock style bluesy guitars? A whistling outro? All in one totally bizarre package? Just one more question: WHEN CAN I HEAR THE REST OF THIS ALBUM?!?!

You can stream the track (via a stream of the show on which it debuted) here. It starts around the 16:45 mark.

In Somniphobia is scheduled for a March release via Candlelight Records.


Major props to Tortiss for sending this in!!!

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