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Hopefully you guys are all familiar with the work of C.C. Banana; born with the (un?)fortunate luck of bearing some resemblance to Poison’s C.C. DeVille and the ability to not get embarrassed wearing a friggin’ banana costume in public, C.C. made his name doing interviews for the great Metal Sludge before striking out on his own. I think I’m also allowed to tell you that, behind the scenes, he had a lot to do with that amazing Whole Lotta Love: An All-Star Tribute to Fat Chicks comp that came out in 2010. After years of enjoying Mr. Banana’s work, I got to meet him when he stopped by our booth at New York Comic Con last year, and I am happy to report that on top of being very funny, he is also a really cool dude.

So it saddens me greatly to hear that C.C. is currently in a bad way: according to SplitScreen Entertainment, who released Whole Lotta Love, C.C.’s family was recently “struck by severe financial hardship, brought on by the sudden decline of an ailing family member. As a result, he is now on the verge of losing the house he has lived in since birth.”

Consequently, SplitScreen is now auctioning off a ton of cool swag to raise money for C.C., including Whole Lotta Love t-shirts, posters signed by many of the artists who participated in that compilation, and even “a new song parody tailored to your very own specifications” from C.C. himself. You can help C.C. by making purchases here.

I know Love and the music C.C. generally covers isn’t exactly the heaviest stuff out there, but I also know enough of you read what we write about that stuff here on MetalSucks that must care. So please, help out if you can. It’s a great cause.


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