Scraping Genius Off The Wheel


  • Gary Suarez

Sure, Dave Mustaine may have given–and then tentatively rescinded–his endorsement to Rick Santorum, but there’s no reason why we can’t get our Pit Romney on. Here’s the latest and greatest in hardcore festival news…

PIT ROMNEY: BLACK N BLUE BOWL DROPPIN’ MANY STUNNERSThe Black N Blue Bowl proved once again why it is the year’s most anticipated one-day hardcore event, revealing most of its lineup sans one “very special headliner TBA.” So how did New York’s BNB Productions top last year’s Gorilla Biscuits reunion? Sheer Terror, Youth Of Today, Outburst, DYS, Hazen Street, and a reunited The Mob all made the bill, as did “A Tribute To Raybeez” which features members of that fallen hardcore figure’s former band Warzone. This is as close as we’ll ever get to a Warzone show at this point. If that weren’t enough Born From Pain, First Blood, King Nine, Minus 1 (members of Merauder), Rotting Out, and Suburban Scum. Buy your tickets now, or bleh yourself to sleep when it’s sold out.

Not content to let BNB get all the e-ink, Seattle’s RainFest announced its second round of bands. (Peep the first round here). It includes big names like Bane, Cro-Mags, and H2O alongside awesome up-and-comers like Code Orange Kids, Minus, and Retox. Three-days passes are on sale now.

The Rumble in Chicago got a little beefier too, with revelations that Ensign, Palehorse, Death Threat and Trapped Under Ice. This is in addition to already-announced headliners like Negative Approach, Murphy’s Law, and 100 Demons. Two-day passes have been on sale for a minute; don’t be dumb.


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