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As we’ve correctly asserted many times here on MetalSucks before, Michael Angelo Batio is possibly the greatest thing ever in the history of living beings on any planet in any galaxy anywhere. So when I first read on Metal Insider that he’s in a Canadian commercial for Kia, I instantly went from six to midnight. Here in the U.S. all we get in our Kia ads is Motley Crue, who I see, like, everywhere all the time! But the Canadians were actually acknowledging the talents of a great artist who, for reasons beyond my comprehension, often goes overlooked by the public at large! Surely, this was the best decision that Canada has made as a nation since kicking William Shatner out of the country over two centuries ago. HOO-RAY!

And then I watched the actual commercial.

What the fuck, Canada? Why would you hire a great talent like THE Michael Angelo Batio and then barely have him in the commercial? Why would you make it impossible to admire his beautiful guitar? This ad should have just been MAB shredding his ass off while standing, like, in the general vicinity of one of the Kias. They would have sold like a gajillion cars then I bet.


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