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UPDATE, 10:11am EDT, 8/13: The website to enter the contes is now live.

Original Post:

Either Devin Townsend has such a big ego that he’s an unabashed gung-ho fan of his work or he’s just having a little fun. Knowing Devin we’ll guess it’s the latter, although we couldn’t blame him if from time to time he took a step back, listened to what he’s done, and thought, “Man… I rule.”

Devin is having a little contest whereby he’s allowing fans to submit their own footage to be included in the official video for “Lucky Animals,” the new Epicloud track he released this weekend. The end result will be a compilation comprised of the various random stuff people send in, whether it be lip-sync, dance moves, clips of their pets, silly shit, whatever. Pretty cool idea.

To introduce the concept, Devin filmed a hilarious video of himself announcing it… hilarious for no reason other than Devin is funny all the time even when he’s not trying to be. He also filmed his own “submission,” and holy shit, those dance moves! Michael Jackson incarnate. Watch both below:

The website on which you can download “Lucky Animals” and enter the contest will be at, which apparently isn’t live yet. We’ll update this post when it is.


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