I wasn’t even aware that the Gene Simmons’ reality show, Family Jewels, has been on for seven seasons already, because holy shit, I can’t stomach listening to that spunkturd for one millisecond more than I absolutely must. But I guess there was a time when the show was pretty popular.

Well, no more, it seems! A&E will not renew the show for an eighth season, according to Deadline:

“As with Dog The Bounty Hunter, the cancellation of Family Jewels comes amid a ratings decline as the show, like all aging series, has become increasingly expensive. In the most recent season this summer, Family Jewels averaged around 1 million viewers, down from the record 3 million who tuned in for the season finale last summer featuring the KISS frontman’s proposal to longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed.

So the good news is, that means less guaranteed air time for Simmons and his waste of sperm, and the bad news is, Simmons is such an attention whore and greedy ass hair that he’ll probably do something really irritating, like another tour with Kiss (or “Kiss”), just to stay in the spotlight/make that extra income back. So the cancellation of this series is really a bittersweet victory for good taste. The silver lining is, Simmons turns sixty-three in less than a week and a half, so hopefully at some point real soon he’ll turn into an old invalid shut-in and we can forget that he ever existed.


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