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Oh hello there, MetalSucks metal sucker! Hmm are u surprised to see me and Shit That Comes Out Today, your weekly round-up of awesome hard and heavy new releases? Well, the fact is that today is already Tuesday — tho u may have partied that fact right out of your brain over the long holiday weekend. But hey just shed your Monday state of mind and tie on your Tuesday testes to take in super-new noisy hardcore, thrashy thrash, and um a picaresque sci-fi novel.

Your STCOT after the jump, perfect for reading with one eye covered lol:


A Lethal Dose Of Truth (Sylencer)
On a playlist with: Kill ‘Em All, Slayer, Testament
Listen A Lethal Dose Of Truth full stream (here)

For their debut, Sylencer recruits more big metal dude guests than seems possible — Gene Hoglan, Emil Werstler (Daath), Jordan Rudess, Kevin Talley, Marco Minneman, Steve DiGiorgio, Rob Caggiano (Anthrax) — but A Lethal Dose gathers much fewer descriptive words than proper nouns. Just two really: Retro. Thrash.


My Iron Lung
Grief EP (Pure Noise)
On a playlist with: Defeater, The Elijah, The Pax Cecelia
Listen Grief full stream (here)

In heavy music, contrast is the best thing ever. And just as melodic vocals can sound cool over a pulverizing riff, so can desperate shrieks atop layers of chilling clean guitar. Defeater nailed the latter on 2011’s Empty Days & Sleepless Nights, and now My Iron Lung is similarly awesome on this appropriately-titled EP, Grief. Short, chaotic, and cathartic.


Berlin Occult Bureau (Ván)
On a playlist with: Opeth’s Heritage, Black Sabbath, Horn Of The Rhino
Listen “Auslander” (here)

From the many albums of sludgy-Sabbath worship in recent STCOT, it’s easy to conclude that I am not the only tireless lover of the doomy retro bands like Winters. The molten riffs, twilight zone-harmonies, and otherworldly atmosphere are in no small supply on Berlin Occult Bureau. Little new or remarkable elevates this album by the sad Scots, but it will scratch your doom itch raw.


Birds In Row
You, Me & The Violence (Deathwish)
On a playlist with: The Chariot, Envy, The Coma Recovery
Listen “Police & Thieves” (here)

These three peckers from France play loud, dirty hardcore with lots of grimy dissonance tempered with washes of clean(ish) post-metal melody. YM&TV may not aspire to soar, but makes a orderly landing in your library of screamy, cacophonous hardcore.


Clockwork Angels: The Novel By Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart (ECW)
On book club reading list with: Tom Sawyer, A Clockwork Orange, Nineteen Eighty-Four
Read Chapter One (here)

Can’t get enough of Neil Peart’s nerdy space-opera musings in your Rush lyric booklets? Then how about a full Rush novel for your shelf!? Outlined by Peart, Kevin J. Anderson’s novel fleshes out the less-than-substantial storyline of Rush’s triumphant Clockwork Angels album. The excerpt (above) hints at a neat little tale filled with boyish adventure and Orwellian undercurrents. Putting that English major to use! Woot!


Inimical Drive
Sound The Sirens EP (Authentik)
On a playlist with: Killswitch Engage, Atreyu, Trivium
Listen “Signal The Sirens” (here)

To describe generic metalcorists Inimical Drive is to describe a thousand others: clean vocals enter on cue, ex-gfs are read the beta riot act, and a rhythm section competes for the world championship of most lifeless grooves. But at least we can laud ID’s effort; they shelled out for marquee assists from producer Pete Charell of Trapt and Atreyu guitarist Travis Miguel. Classic.



»Ad Patres Scorn Aesthetics (Kaotoxin) listen
Devil Magister Mundi Xum demo/The Noble Savage reissue (Soulseller) listen
ˆDoom Syndicate Midsummer’s Fall (Born Of Chaos) listen
Eyehategod New Orleans Is The New Vietnam single (A389) listen
Judass Priest Screaming For Vengeance Special 30th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD (Sony Legacy) watch listen
»Kamikaze Kings The Law (Limited Access)
Korn The Path Of Totality Tour: Live At The Hollywood Palladium CD/DVD (Shout! Factory) watch watch watch
Masachist Scorned (Selfmadegod) listen
Swallow The Sun Emerald Forest And The Blackbird (Spinefarm) listen
Tarja Act I live 2CD/2DVD (Armoury) watch


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