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  • Axl Rosenberg

WOMAN WHO REALLY, REALLY LOVES AC/DC’S “HIGHWAY TO HELL” ARRESTED FOUR TIMES IN TWENTY-SIX HOURSEveryone loves AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” right? It’s inarguably one of the most recognizable rock anthems of all time; like The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” or Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” pretty much anyone anywhere can identify the song immediately after just a few notes. I’m sure that there’s someone somewhere who doesn’t like the song, but that person is probably going to die very, very lonely.

That being said, I don’t think many of us love “Highway to Hell” enough to be arrested for blasting it. And I don’t think any sane person loves the song so much that they’d be willing to be arrested for blasting it four times in twenty-six hours.

And yet, this is exactly what happened to Joyce Coffey, a fifty-three-year-old woman from Epping, New Hampshire. Reports The Huffington Post:

“Police first issued a warning to Joyce Coffey on Tuesday afternoon at her home in Epping. They say they were called back an hour later and arrested her for the loud music.

“Police say Coffey was arrested again five hours later. She was released and arrested again before dawn Wednesday over more loud music.

“Police arrested her again after her nephew said he tried to remove some of his belongings from her house and she threw the frying pan at him.”

Other things that are funny about this:

  • Epping Police Chief Michael Wallace says that “the judge mentioned… that, y’know, she should probably consider ear phones.”
  • Coffey’s first two releases cost her a total of $1,500, and she agreed not to play her stereo again until 10 a.m. the following morning — terms which she obviously failed to uphold. When the police went to her home to arrest her again sometime around 1 a.m., they found “that the stereo was placed near the doorway and the speakers were pointed out the door.” In other words, Coffey was just flipping everyone a giant , barely-metaphorical middle finger.

And what I personally find most strange about this story isn’t Coffey’s incredible love of AC/DC — it’s that the cops kept releasing her. I’m no legal expert, but I would think if someone was arrested, say, I dunno, twice in just five hours, the police might be all, “Hey, we’re gonna make you sit tight for a minute while we figure out what the hell is wrong with you.” And if they let her go after the second time, then, definitely, y’know, the third time would HAVE to raise a flag, right? But no. Someone looked at this lady who had already been arrested twice just hours before, and was like, “Well, you seem okay. There’s the exit!”


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