Probably because no one gives enough of a shit! And I’m so saddened by this. Sure their music hit me at the right time in my life and that’s a big part of why I’ve always listened to these synth-driven spastic art metal weirdos but jeez did any of you even watch their 10 hour dvd? Is that too much time? Don’t you all sit and watch a whole season of Game of Thrones in one go anyway?

Ok. All I’m saying is that everyone who hasn’t yet needs to watch their ten hour film. It is seriously a goddamn masterpiece. Its the best documentary on what it’s like to be in a band in this current age that I have ever seen. It’s simply amazing. The drama, the laughs, the real times, the excessive drinking. It’s all there. And I’ll be damned if Nathan Winneke isn’t the funniest man alive ever to be filmed. How is there not a HORSE the band reality show yet? And Jon Karel was such a beast on them skins! How is it possible that he isn’t playing out in a band that is world famous by now!?

Again I think it is because not enough people have watched this. And after you watch it I recommend you go back and listen to HORSE’s last release Desperate Living. It became about five trillion times more meaningful and powerful after you watch the struggles they go through on their tour.

So do you like to laugh? Do you like to watch a band perform at a level of high energy that is beyond comprehension? Do you want to make sure that this absurdly beautiful film about human struggle doesn’t go unwatched by a single person in the human race? Then for the love of all that’s (un)holy watch it and tell everyone else to do the same.

HORSE the Band. Please come back to us. We miss you. I MISS YOU.


-Anthony Gobeille


EDIT: As of writing this my fellow HORSE fan Teddy Wood pointed out to me that HORSE’s facebook page has a very mysterious status! SO LETS WAIT AND SEE!

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