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Gene Simmons Upstaged By Thirteen Year-Old

photo: Charles Epting

The Artist Formerly Known as חיים ויץ‎ recently visited the Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (‘Cause where else would you send kids for camp???). I don’t know what Simmons was expecting from the experience (besides a hefy paycheck, I imagine), but it certainly does not seem to have been thirteen year old Clayton Mann, who performs in a band called Rebelmann (See what they did there?) with his brothers. Mann hijacked the jam sesh in every way imaginable, not only playing some smokin’ leads, but basically proving that, at least in 2012, he’s a better singer than Simmons. Noisecreep optimistically suggests that “Simmons seemed blown away by the kid’s chops and personality,” but the phrase “blown away” usually suggests a positive reaction… and this doesn’t really look like the face of a happy man to me:

Of course, it’s also entirely possible that, by this point, Simmons has just forgotten how to contort his facial muscles into a smile, or any other expression which might express positivity. In fact, the only time he shows any life at all is when Mann tells the audience to “give it up” for Simmons.

Watch the full video below:

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