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The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee Loves Cannibal Corpse


The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee Loves Cannibal Corpse

We love Jon Stewart here at the MS Mansion. We’ve even been called “The Daily Show of Metal,” an incredibly honorable comparison with which we’re most flattered. But until now our love of Comedy Central’s most famous Mets fan had absolutely nothing to do with music.

In the episode that aired on Thursday, October 18th (featuring some guest named Barack Obama), Stewart brought in longtime contributor Samantha Bee to lampoon Mitt Romney’s now infamous “binders full of women” comment and both candidates’ intense focus on women in the most recent debate. Bee jokes that all women fill out a “Lady Data Sheet” in place of resumes, on which she filled out Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Obituary on hers.

Is Bee really a death metal fan? We doubt it (although you certainly never know), but whichever writer/producer/intern created the above graphic certainly had some knowledge of death metal — your average Arcade Fire fan doesn’t just pull Obituary out of his or her ass — or is at least a skilled user of Google.

Watch the clip here (Bee’s segment starts at 2:00).

Thanks: Darren W.

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