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Disturbed’s David Draiman Calls The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah a “Hypocritical, Self Righteous, Pathetic Man” In Joe Rogan’s Defense


Welp, it looks like Disturbed frontman David Draiman has gone from casual critic in the Joe Rogan/Spotify debate to furious culture warrior. Despite giving ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach the ‘palms-up just-observing’ response to misunderstanding the First Amendment, Draiman has now gone full bore after Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, on Twitter. Why? Because Noah called out Joe Rogan for his use of racial slurs, but apparently made some blue remarks in the past.

What happened was, Noah, who is black, called Joe Rogan out for his casual use of the N-word, as well as previous comments where Rogan described how walking into a black neighborhood’s movie theater was like walking into Planet of the Apes. Rogan’s excuse was that he was just entertaining people but that we wasn’t racist. In response, Noah said the following:

“First of all, he said he would never say that black people are apes, but he said that. That’s literally what he said. It’s not just racist. That’s O.G. racism. That’s the original, old-school racism. That’s on the Mount Rushmore of racism. ‘Black people are apes’ is right next to burning crosses and every Bugs Bunny cartoon from the 1940s.

“When Joe Rogan says, ‘I wasn’t being racist. I was just being entertaining.’ No, Joe, I think you were using racism to try to be entertaining.”

In response, Draiman went on a furious Twitter rant in which he tweeted shots of sexist jokes Noah had made, as well as jokes involving Judaism, and said:

“You’re a hypocritical, self righteous, pathetic man @Trevornoah

“The rules should be the same for everyone Be it @joerogan OR @Trevornoah

“What I can’t stomach is holier than thou hypocrisy, claiming your shit doesn’t stink, but the other guy’s does. I don’t want either cancelled.

“Make all the jokes you want, but when @Trevornoah thinks his rhetoric is fine, but @joerogan ‘s isn’t, or he doubts the sincerity of Joe’s apology when Trevor never even offered one, I have no problem calling him (Trevor) out for the self righteous hypocrite he is.”

On the one hand, Draiman’s screenshotted tweets are ugly. Trevor Noah made some gross jokes, and no one here is trying to ignore them or cast them aside. We’re sure the defense is that he was young and being stupid and mean.

But it’s telling that after all of his just sayin’ commentary regarding Joe Rogan and Neil Young, Draiman didn’t have an opinion on Rogan’s racism until Noah brought it up. At no point did David Draiman think a white dude describing black people as apes or dropping the N-word was worth his outrage. But when a black guy said, That ain’t cool, Draiman’s a sleuth. He goes digging to find the evidence to write his enraged Twitter thread. The dude wants to act like he doesn’t have a dog in this fight, but it’s pretty obvious he’s standing with the racist, sophomoric podcaster.

Check out the tweets below.

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