Wooden Stake Driven Through Dr. Acula’s Heart


Dr. Acula have announced that they’re calling it quits, following some final tour dates in Canada and Australia at the beginning of next year. According to guitarist Bill Graffeo, the band “started off as a joke,” and I’m sure he’s satisfied knowing that the band will end as a joke, too. Really, I thought they were pretty much done last year when their most creatively-vibrant member, keyboard-flipper Joey Simpson, quit the band. But I guess they hung in there as long as they could, brave lil’ fellas.

I know this will be sad news for the band’s fan, so I’d like to devote the rest of this column to celebrating Dr. Acula’s finest moments. Here are a few of my favorites:





































Good times, right?

Meanwhile, vocalist Casey Carrano and bassist Oli Miclett already have plans to start a new band with guitarist Blake Moore, formerly of Sergeant D. faves Demolisher, so we’ll be sure to completely fucking ignore that project whenever it comes up for air.

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