Oderus Urungus, Marilyn Manson and Buzz Osbourne Should Start an Anti-Rob Zombie Club


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 About a month ago, in a tour blog he penned for Spin, Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne had some not-so-nice things to say about Rob Zombie based on a tour the two bands did together in the ’90s. Earlier this month Marilyn Manson express his anger at Zombie in a very public manner about a set-time dispute on the duo’s current tour. And now Gwar’s Oderus Urungus is joining the anti-Zombie club, too.

After lashing out against Zombie as a “Walmart behemoth of the music industry” in a recent interview, Oderus launched into a seemingly unprovoked rant via his Twitter account last night, starting here and collected in full below [via The PRP]:

He is far more talented than his music and art would lead you to expect. He could lead a revolution, instead he is a corporate tool. Bubble gum for Wal-Mart rockers. About as menacing as his fans. GWAR tries to destroy the world and make a new one, all he cares about is $.

Give GWAR a production budget like Zob Rombie gets and we would do some REAL DAMAGE. But enough, I have worlds to destroy. Here’s a reason I feel Rob lacks credibility as an artist…many years ago in an interview he was asked if he had seen GWAR. His reply– “When I saw GWAR, I thought man, I wanna do that, but I want to make money…” To me, an recording artist who is primarily motivated by making money is no artist at all. He’s a pop star. It’s why I started hating KISS.

And lets not forget White Zombies “Milli Vanilli moment” at the MTV awards…bands playing to pre-recorded tracks, and STILL blowing it…well, that simply is not rock and roll. Done with this. Catch ya later guys!

Why all the Zombie hate? I’ve personally never met the guy, but so many people saying essentially the same thing probably aren’t wrong. You know how the old saying goes about shit: if it smells like shit, tastes like shit, and looks like shit…

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