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Neilstein Soundscam: A Sweet and Sour Debut


Neilstein Soundscam

I don’t have access to my usual Soundscan data this week due to Hurricane Sandy, but thankfully our bromos over at Metal Insider do. Let’s take a quick peak at how the new albums by Stone Sour, Pig Destroyer, The Sword, Wintersun and others performed in their first week of release.

Note: the rankings are from the overall Top 200, not the “Current Hard Music” chart I usually pull from.

#7 Stone Sour – House of Gold & Bones
Last week: 31,200 (debut)

An incredibly strong debut in this day and age. Those opening two songs are incredibly catchy hard rock ditties, but unfortunately the rest of the album doesn’t match them. Stream the entire album here.

#17 The Sword – Apocryphon
Last week: 16,800 (debut)

I really don’t get it with this band but holy shit, a lot of people really like them! Wow. 

#94 Pig Destroyer – Book Burner
Last week: 4,200 (debut)

Awesome to see a grindcore album in the Top 100! Axl will be very happy.

#101 Wintersun – Time I
Last week: 3,900 (debut)

Was it worth the eight-year wait? At least 3,900 people think so.

#183 Ill Nino – Epidemia
Last week: 2,300 (debut)

Ill Nino: still a thing.

Sister Sin – Now & Forever
Last week: 660 (debut)

I dug the one track I heard from this record, but our own Leyla Ford did not so much agree

Abiotic – Symbiosis
Last week: 390 (debut)

Not bad given this band was completely unknown less than a year ago. Get these guys out on the road and they’ll kill it.

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