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Dj Slashba is Modest, Has a Firm Grasp of Reality

  • Axl Rosenberg

Dj Slashba is Modest, Has a Firm Grasp of Reality

Oh, silly me. I had assumed up until now that the reason Dj Slashba goes out of his way to impersonate Slash is because he thought it would make Guns N’ Roses fans happy. What I didn’t realize is that the guy is just completely fucking delusional.

Here’s a fun quote from a new interview the guitarist did with  Glide Magazine:

“People ask who were my influences. It was never guitar players, never musicians. I’ve always looked up to certain people, but my true influences were people like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs – people who changed the world in a much bigger way than just a dream.”

Slashba having the hubris to compare himself to visionaries like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney would be hilarious pretty much no matter what — but it’s made even funnier by the fact that a) those dudes were leaders, and Slashba is a side man (if not for Nikki Sixx and Axl Rose, no one would give a hoot about Slashba — just look at the sales figures for Beautiful Creatures) b) those dudes were originals, and Slashba plays in a cover band, and c) those dudes are world famous for such undeniable cultural contributions as the iPod and Mickey Mouse, while Slashba is world well-known to fans of a certain kind of music for such undeniable cultural contributions as… um… yeah.

And just when you thought Slashba couldn’t possibly embarrass himself any more, he adds:

“I always felt I was put here to do something great, beyond music. I still don’t think I’ve found the real reason. People are like, ‘But you’re in the biggest band in the world.’ I go, ‘Yeah, but there’s something inside I keep searching for.’”

Guns N’ Roses are totally the biggest band in the world… if the year is 1992. Unfortunately, it’s 2012, Chinese Democracy is valued at roughly the same amount as the paper people use to keep their anus clean, there’s a whole generation of kids who know Slash as “that dude from Velvet Revolver,” and in February, they failed to sell out the Roseland Ballroom in New York, which has a capacity of the three-thousand people. Which is a good-sized crowd by metal standards (Lamb of God packed the same venue this past Friday night), but not a very good-sized crowd by “Biggest Band in the World” standards.

(And that’s ignoring the fact that even if GN’R were the biggest band in the world, Dj has never written or recorded with them.)

In other words, twice in as many sentences, this guy paints himself as an immodest jerk who has no sense of reality whatsoever. It’s so bizarre it makes me wonder if he ever really got the job in GN’R, or if he just started showing up at rehearsals every day until Axl Rose finally gave up and let him in be in the band.

[via Classic Rock]

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