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Full-Album Stream Round-Up: Incantation, Kylesa, and Bad Brains


Full-Album Stream Round-Up: Incantation, Kylesa, and Bad Brains

I’m gonna assume that my headline makes the subject of this post fairly clear, because I know there are at least two or three of you reading this who aren’t total mongoloids.

And so…

  • Vanquish in Vengeance, Incantation’s first LP in six years, is now streaming in full over at The Deciblog. This is really the only one of today’s three streams that I personally find interesting, and thus, I implore you to check it out first, and spend some serious time with it if for some reason it doesn’t knock you on your ass pretty much right away. But your ass should be throughly knocked upon without much effort. The album comes out November 27 on Listenable.
  • Kylesa are streaming their new rarities collection, From the Vaults, Vol. 1, on Loudwire. I tried to listen to this album a few weeks ago and didn’t make it very far; my opinion of Kylesa remains the same as it’s always been, which is that they’re an okay band, but not worth all the jizz they milk from the balls of IMNs everywhere. But hey if you love this good for you, enjoy it, friend. The album is out today on Season of Mist.
  • Bad Brains’ new album, Into the Future, is streaming on AOL, exactly the site with whom one would naturally assume Bad Brains would like to associate. ANYWAY, I’m listening to the album now, and it seems… meh. I don’t really get excited about new Bad Brains; I think their best days are far behind them. But feel free to disagree with me… as though any of you ever don’t feel free to disagree with me. The album is out today on Megaforce.

I sincerely hope at least one of these albums brings your ears some pleasure. But mostly I hope that pleasure is derived from Incantation.

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