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More Chris Brown / Municipal Waste Jacket Drama (and Rihanna, too!)


Pictures of R&B superstar Chris Brown donning a spiked leather jacket adorned with Municipal Waste and Cro-Mags patches sent the Metalwebs into a tizzy yesterday, IMNs and tr00 cvltists alike. Today, it gets worse.

MetalSucks reader David Z. has unearthed a picture of the back of the jacket, comped below with the front for reference:

Chris Brown Municipal Waste jacket

How many bands can Brown offend with one single swoop? His hubris knows no bounds!

Municipal Waste, for their part, were none too pleased with the matter. Via Twitter:

But wait! There’s more! Waste frontman Tony Foresta brought it to the world’s attention that Brown’s favorite beating partner Rihanna has also worn the jacket, most notably on the back cover of her most recent album. Via Twitter:

Rihanna cover Municipal Waste

And, finally, for the KO: if this jacket is priced like the similar one shown at the designer’s website, these suckers forked over $5,300 for the thing. That is probably more than any single member of Municipal Waste has spent on any item of anything, ever.

So, congratulations Chris Brown and Rihanna: you now suck more than ever before. Way to appropriate a band’s likeness for your own personal “coolness” gain and see that the band doesn’t even get a penny for it.

Can I still jam that “Umbrellas” song without feeling guilty?

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