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And Now For Something Different: A Veil


A Veil

A Veil mastermind Chad Ackerman is best known to metalheads as the voice behind Arnold Schwarzenegger in Austrian Death Machine. He also spent a summer touring as a guitarist in As I Lay Dying ten years ago. That’s about as far as any recognition from readers of this site will likely go (he’s also been in Destroy the Runner, Die Trying and Chapter 14, if those names mean anything to you).

Ackerman’s new project sounds nothing like Austrian Death Machine or AILD and it’s not anywhere even really close to metal, but it’s really, really good. Here’s what a press release says about new album The In Between: it “musically blends Ackerman’s melodic post-hardcore roots with dark Brit-pop influences.” Sounds about right. I’ll add this: for fans of Muse, Dredg, Head Automatica and The Format.

Download The In Between now from Bandcamp for any price of your choosing, or stream it below:

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