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Who Will Be the New Guitarist in L.A. Guns, and After What Weapon Will He Be Named?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Who Will Be the New Guitarist in L.A. Guns, and After What Weapon Will He Be Named?

Although L.A. Guns are generally considered to be inferior to Tracii Guns’ other namesake band, Guns N’ Roses, the past decade has seen GN’R following LAG’s lead. Years before Axl Rose thought to hire Dj Slashba to fill the void left by Original Flavor Slash, vocalist Phil Lewis and drummer Steve Riley did him one better following the departure of Mr. Guns: they hired Stacey Blades, a guitarist who not only looked like Tracii Guns, and not only had a first name that rhymed with Tracii’s, but, like Tracii, had taken his stage name from a weapon. (Early reports that his name was pronounced “blah-dez,” like the actor and singer Rubén Blades, were incorrect.) Little wonder that the world immediately fell madly and passionately in love with Stacey Blades, and that he eventually helped Lewis and Riley defeat Tracii Guns in the L.A. Guns Moniker Wars. (“Never bring a GUN to a KNIFE FIGHT, bitch!” Stacey Blades was overheard saying following the victory.)

But OH! The orgasmic highs of this sweet, sweet success are to be short lived. Confirming a rumor originally reported by Metal Sludge, Blades has now announced his departure from L.A. Guns via his Facebook page:

“This isn’t an easy announcement but as of this month I will no longer be playing guitar for L.A. Guns. I dearly wish Phil, Scotty and Steve much continued success. It’s been a crazy ten year ride filled with some amazing tours, albums and memories to last a lifetime! Due to extenuating circumstances and musical differences I have decided not to continue with the band.

“L.A. Guns was a dream come true but life is full of new beginnings and journeys’. I will be taking some time off and have some different things lined up that I will share with you in the near future. I would like to first and foremost thank the fans for allowing me into your hearts! You guys Rule!! Hope to see you all soon!

“God Bless!


For their part, the remaining members of L.A. Guns released a statement that is just as bittersweet and moving:

“Good luck Stacey”

Don’t be ashamed if it makes you choke up a little. It’s an emotional moment for us all.

ANYWAY, this development, of course, leaves a position open in L.A. Guns. Obviously everyone is thinking that Tracii Guns will finally return to this version of the band, but Metal Sludge has a source that says it’s gonna be ex-Sea Hags guitarist Frank Wilsey, who will perform under the name “Casee Nunchucks.” Okay I may have made that last part up.

Who Will Be the New Guitarist in L.A. Guns, and After What Weapon Will He Be Named?
Casee Nunchucks?
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