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Almost-News About the New Black Dahlia Murder Album


Yesterday, we learned that The Black Dahlia Murder are back in the studio, making sure they don’t break their streak of releasing an album every two years despite the fact that they’ve shed two members since the release of 2011’s Nocturnal. Vince speculated that the album could be out by June, and, hey now!, Vince was right — last night the band posted the below image on their Facebook page, revealing both the album’s title and scheduled release month:

And… there really isn’t much else to say, is there? Everblack is a neat title, but the album could be called Andrew Lloyd Webber is Da Bomb, Yo! and we’d all still buy it because it’s The Black Dahlia Murder and they’ve yet to release a bad record. Really, the most useful bit of info in this teaser is that I can’t accidentally overdose on prescription painkillers before June. Good to know! Can’t come soon enough if you ask me.

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