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Get Hammered to F*ck by F*ckhammer


When MetalSucks’ own Grim Kim tweeted about a band from Belfast called Fuckhammer early today, I knew I had to check them out, because, let’s be real, that is definitely one of the greatest band names ever ever ever. I feared they might be a great band name and nothing more, and when I saw the cover of their EP, the also-brilliantly-titled Hammered to Fuck, my heart sank a little, because it looks like the sover of a shitty deathcore album:

But guess what? It’s not shitty deathcore AT ALL. It’s totally killer, buoyant D-beat, with no shortage of righteous elephants marching riffs to boot:

Kind of irritatingly (but I guess not surprisingly, given their endorsement from Queen of the Obscure), the rest of the EP isn’t available on Bandcamp, and while there’s an inferior band called Fuckhammer Deathsquad on Facebook, Fuckhammer don’t seem to have a page of their own. They do have a MySpace page (ugh, really?), but there’s no music streaming there, and no one has logged in there since 2009. I did find the rest of their EP on YouTube, though; most of it is more straight-up death metal than D-beat, but there are no shortage of sweet-ass elephant marching riffs on display. And the rest of the song titles really do prove that these dudes are wordsmiths.

I just bought a reasonably-priced import of the physical CD on Amazon. It’s weird and annoying that the band aren’t making it easier for people to find their music, but whatever. At least that music is good! I’m really digging this shit. And, uh, I hope you are, too! Lemme know in the comments section below, okay?

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