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Sockweb’s New Song, “Werewolf,” is Their Best Yet

  • Axl Rosenberg

Sockweb’s New Song, “Werewolf,” is Their Best Yet

I feel like by now I oughta be sick of Sockweb, the grindcore duo fronted by Joanie “Bologna” Young, who was six like a week ago but has since turned seven. (It was my birthday, too Joanie. Go Capricorns! Whatever that means!!!) They already released two songs last week, one about love of pancakes and one about I don’t know what; the gimmick should be totally played out.

But here’s the thing: they’re actually REALLY GOOD. Each song has been better than the last, and their latest, “Werewolf”… well, seriously, it kicks ass. (Obviously, some props should go to Joanie’s dad/collaborator, Adam “Blackula” Young.) If I knew nothing about the gimmick, I’d still totally endorse this. So Sockweb are basically like the Memento of grind: sure, the gimmick is what first piqued your interest, but the actual quality of the work maintains that interest.

Here’s “Werewolf”… according to Sockweb’s Facebook page, there’s a full album coming, too.

Thanks: J.

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