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Enter a Portal to “The Back Wards”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Enter a Portal to “The Back Wards”

I called “Curtain,” the first song from Portal’s Vexovoid to be released, “downright melodic by Portal standards,” and now these extremely weird Australians have come back to cock slap me for daring to even think about using the word “melody.”

“The Back Wards,” the latest Vexovoid track to get a stream, is more akin to the Portal we know and love: a total fucking racket than almost any rational person would most likely argue is not music. But hoo-ray for us, we’re not normal people, we’re metal heads, and we lap this shit up. This song is awesome, and whatever the hell Portal’s actual intent might be, they are clearly pushing the envelope. This is great stuff.; between “Wards” and Corey Mitchell’s recent write-up on the album, I am now even more excited for Vexovoid than I was already. And I was pretty damn excited.

Check out “The Black Wards” hereVexovoid comes out February 19 on Profound Lore. I can’t wait.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to the new song name as “The Black Wards.”

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