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Full “Disclosure”: The New Hypocrisy Song Rocks


Vince was just saying to me how it feels like it’s increasingly hard to find any good melodeath — an assertion with which I concur. So three cheers for Hypocrisy, who have released both the title track and album art for their new release, End of Disclosure, and who have succeeded in making both of those things cool.

The album art seems to portray an alien demon who is throwing horns while using Earth as a stress ball. So, clearly, you do not wanna fuck with this guy.

Of course, the music is what’s important here, but like I said, that’s good, too — some fans might long for something faster and more furiouser, but I dig the head-bobbing pace, and the chorus, kinda silly though it is, got stuck in my head after my initial listen. That’s a good sign.

You can stream the song below, or download it for free hereEnd of Disclosure comes out March 22 on Nuclear Blast.

[via No Clean Singing]

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