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Malcolm Brickhouse (ex-Unlocking the Truth) Resurfaces with New Song, “Rapture”

Malcolm Brickhouse (ex-Unlocking the Truth) Resurfaces with New Song, “Rapture”

The flame that was the teenage metal band Unlocking the Truth burned out just as quickly as it caught fire for predictable reasons. The metal trio of Black teenagers from Brooklyn caught the world’s attention in 2014 when they went from street performers to a $1.8 million record deal, but they were released from that contract a year later when the whole thing fell flat on its face. No detailed public explanation about how that went down ever came out, but I think it’s a safe assumption that the enormity of placing so much pressure on a group of teens with little professional music experience played a role.

Now the band’s guitarist, singer and primary songwriter, Malcolm Brickhouse, is back with a brand new song and video of his own, “Rapture.” Operating under the moniker Malxolm Brixkhouse, the song mixes modern R&B production and vocal styles with the metal guitar riffing and drums for which Brickhouse is best known. Brickhouse is roughly 20 years old now, by my calculation, and the maturity shows: not that we should judge his past work as a sixth grader too harshly, but his new stuff has way more of a singular identity. I haven’t heard anything quite like it before, and he does a good job selling it in the video.

Give “Rapture” a spin and a view below and see what you think!

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