The 10 Most Influential Metal Albums of All Time: The Countdown Continues


Last week Metal Injection began counting down the Top 10 Most Influential Metal Albums of All Time, and since we can’t turn down a good reason to get MS commenters all riled up over nothing we posted about it. Will Scott Hull’s drum machine be #1? Is that joke played out yet? Who the fuck knows?

The 8th (Slaughter of the Soul), 7th (Reign in Blood), 6th (Cowboys From Hell) and 5th (Scream Bloody Gore) entries onto the list have now been posted, joining Images and Words (#10) and Destroy, Erase Improve (#9). Whether you’re a fan of those albums and the bands that wrote them or not, you’ve gotta admit: those are some really, really fucking influential metal albums. Watch the latest episodes below:

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