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Three Completely Free Metal Comps: Nuclear Blast, Deathwish Inc. and Cvlt Nation


Blackened Everything

March is Metal Month, which means there are all sorts of good deals around the metalsphere; check the $5.99 and less album sale on Amazon we posted about last week, featuring 514 new and classic metal titles.

But you know what’s better than $5.99? (or less!) Free! To that end, today we alert you, the budget-conscious MetalSucks reader, of three completely free metal compilations available for download right now. (and in case there’s any confusion, these are not part of March is Metal Month — all three labels just love you lots)

The biggest star-power comes via Nuclear Blast, whose 15-track Built to Blast sampler features Anthrax, Enslaved, Graveyard, Kreator and others. Unfortunately (and infuriatingly) it’s only available in the UK, so unless you live in the UK or have some kind of IP-cloaker installed you’re gonna have to skip this one. Sorry for the cock-tease.

Definitely available everywhere in the world: Deathwish Inc.’s Spring 2013 digital sampler, featuring 26 (!) tracks from Deathwish and Deathwish-distributed labels. Artists include Blacklisted, Narrows, Gaza, Converge, Stomach Earth (unreleased), Deafheaven and a whole lot more. Download from Sendspace right here.

Also available everywhere in the world: CVLT Nation’s Blackened Everything Vol. IX. The compilation is 24 tracks and features exactly the kind of bands you’d expect from a Cvlt Nation sampler: Young and in the Way, The Secret, Nails, Gehenna, Barghest and more from the world of filthy, raucous, metal-inspired hardcore. Check out the tracklisting, download and stream the comp over at Cvlt Nation. This comp also marks the second anniversary of; everyone wish them a happy birthday!

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