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The Controversial Past of Suffokate’s New Vocalist Matty Kay! (BREAKING!!!)


Way back (lol) in December of 2011, the solo crunk/hip hop/AutoTune/I-don’t-even-know-what-to-call-it artist Matty Kay, as he was known at the time, signed a contract with an imprint of Universal Music Group. Naturally he filmed himself doing so and earning mad billz, and of course that video is on YouTube:

He then proceeded to perform live to a packed house at the esteemed Tumbler’s Pizza in Regina, Seskatchewan:

Matty Kay is featured in the chorus of this track by Shaz, which I suppose was his great claim to fame:

He also used to post really dorky, long and personal videos on his Facebook page. (tl;dr version: he pours his heart out to random people on the interwebz trying to get some girl back).

This is the clown with inferior ear gauges that has replaced Ricky Hoover in deathcore-for-deathcore’s-sake band Suffokate. This is great news (srsly), and we look forward to many years, months or days more of lulz from Suffokate!

Thanks: MS readers “Ya Okay” and Fuzzy Dunlop

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