Oh Hey Remember Airbourne?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Remember Airbourne

Weren’t Airbourne supposed to get big at some point? I remember people jockin’ this band pretty hard about five years ago, and now the only person I hear chatting them up is whomever runs Roadrunner Records’ Twitter account. I just searched my e-mail and I haven’t even gotten a press release about them in 2013, even though they have a new album, Black Dog Barking, coming out next month. So that release is clearly a top priority for the label.

In any case, the band has a new video out now for the single “Live it Up,” and if you ever liked Airbourne, well, mazel tov, they haven’t changed a lick. This band is still to AC/DC as The Sword are to Black Sabbath. There’s nothing really offensive about it, but I’m not entirely sure why I wouldn’t just go listen to an old AC/DC album instead.

Black Dog Barking comes out May 21.

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