I’m Drowning in “Judgement”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Drowning Judgement of Fat Kid

I first saw Drowning’s new video for the song “Judgement” this morning on Stuff You Will Hate, where Sergeant D. has compiled a delightful list of some of the video’s most entertaining moments. And while I strongly encourage you to read said list, I will say that he missed three of my personal favoriet parts of the clip. Specifically:

  1. Kid taking a running start, doing a stage dive, and then face planting after the crowd parts rather than catch him. (0:37)
  2. A dude walking over to some poor fat kid and wailing on him for no discernible reason. (1:30)
  3. The fact that the they made a performance video when they’ve apparently never drawn a crowd larger than about fifteen people. (The whole damn thing.)

And now I present to thee Drowning’s “Judgement”:

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