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Doomriders Build “New Pyramids”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Doomriders, who recently completed recording a new album with producer/Nate Newton’s Converge bandmate Kurt Ballou, opened their set with the debut of a new song called “New Pyramids” in Quincy, MA earlier this week; you can watch video footage below, courtesy of a website called (who have a manifesto, which begins thusly: “This project stands for the redistribution of high-quality live music videos in as much of an anti-capitalist framework as realistically allowable.”) The audio quality isn’t tip top, but it’s good enough. Vince has aptly described these dudes’ music as “infectious Thin Lizzy-tinged metal n’ roll,” but this actually sounds less party-friendly than the Doomriders I’m used to and more like straightforward beardo metal (for lack of a better term). But maybe the recorded version will change my mind on that.

The new Doomriders album should be out later this year.

[via The PRP]

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