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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: May 21, 2013

  • David Lee Rothmund


Happy goddamn Tuesday! In this week’s Shit That Comes Out Today, you’ll listen to a selection of excellent new shit, including debut shit from brand-spankin’-new bands! And what do we know about new? Well, newer is always better. Unless it’s new stuff from Attack Attack! We won’t have to worry about that … but shitty music will always abound, so displace some of it with kickassery below! 


Decaying The Last Days Of WarDecaying
The Last Days Of War (Hellthrasher)
On a playlist with: Sodom, Kreator, Exodus
Listen “El Alamein” (here) “Code Name Overload” (here)

Man, these guys are rotten. Deliciously rotten — gutter-thriving riffs and filthy vocals mate so well here. And then every once in a while you get a little snack for your earholes, like around the 2:16 mark on “Code Name Overload” (above) when they’re like, “Oh hey, time to break into bomb-ass triplets!” These Finns also have their construction and tempo down pat: Songs move between chompingly simple chord progressions and running-for-your-life tremolo licks. Dynamic feels are abound here, which is as refreshing as a lemonade in a damp apartment on a late-May 86-degree day… *wipes sweat off brow*


Death Of An Era The Great CommonwealthDeath Of An Era
The Great Commonwealth EP (Artery)
On a playlist with: Betraying the Martyrs, The Safety Fire, Chelsea Grin
Listen “Shapeshifter” (here)

There’s a genre I like to call smashcore, and this jam contains all the elements: heavily post-processed guitars, an unnecessary number of breakdowns, and mediocre clean-sung choruses. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m kinda digging Commonwealth. It’s not a fine wine (hm, maybe more like Bovril?), and I definitely hope to hell there’s no crab dancing. However, I do <3 the way the smooth choruses break into sick, sick pounding alongside snare-hits with enough fuckin’ echo to be heard three times over. Good shit if you’re in a mood to punch stuff for no discernible reason.


From Ashes To Fire (Inner Wound)
On a playlist with: Nevermore, Sanctuary, Iced Earth
Listen “Paralyzed” (here)

I definitely dig bands which bring actual fucking riffs to the dinner table — the opposite of what is described above. From Ashes To Fire does this, and then plays them up so well with gentle syncopations and with the only other operatic singer I actually like, Tobias Jansson. True story: Jansson has the high-belting vibratos so down pat, and then he double-tracks for added sexiness! Not one cringy note, and it never degrades into the stereotypical going-to-war battle hymn. In short: Totes jamming this shit, and so will you! Plus, it’s Saffire’s debut album — a kickass freshman release indeed.


NK Nothing To Be Gained HereNK
Nothing To Be Gained Here (Triple Crown)
On a playlist with: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Envy On The Coast, ??? — discuss in the comments below!
Listen Nothing To Be Gained Here full stream (here)

And now for something completely different: NK’s debut album. Different because it kind of actually has, uh, everything: Dillinger-style extreme-crunch riff progressions, synthed-up grunge, gentle interlude bits, a touch of indie, and even some breakdowns which freakin’ sound like Rage Against The Machine. Not really sure how to digest it all, but whatever it’s doing to my brain, it’s fuckin’ working! This is one of those albums which is so dynamically nonsensical that you have to run through it a few times — but trust me, you shall be as pleased as a hotboxed cat watching the boat scene from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. I was!


Satan Life SentenceSatan
Life Sentence (Listenable)
On a playlist with: Blitzkrieg, early Megadeth, Saxon
Listen Life Sentence full stream (here)

Well, here it is: Satan’s first studio album since, well, nearly forever. With their unabashedly simple name comes heavily classic thrash: upbeat and quick and riffy and clean and just oh-so fine! Despite the traditionalism, though, there are sexellent moments of guitar/vocalist discordance  as well as plenty of tempo shifts to keep your modernized brain in tune. But above all, I just love the way it feels, like it’s a blast from the past, a gem from an earlier age of metal which was forgotten and then rediscovered and remastered. Get yer nostalgia on and jam this one out all fuckin’ day for fuckin’ free!


A Pale Horse Named Death - Lay My Soul to WasteA Pale Horse Named Death
Lay My Soul To Waste (SPV)
On a playlist with: later Alice In Chains, Type O Negative, Carnivore
Listen “Killer By Night” (here) and “The Needle In You” (here) and “Shallow Grave” (here)

Rave, rave, rave: Our Vince Neilstein has raved, raved, raved about APHND twice — almost thrice! — and for good damn reason. They’re instantly classic. Lay My Soul To Waste is such a solid album that it makes my speakers weigh 48 tons.  You could slow interstate traffic with it. It bridges on sludgy, but in the most gentle of ways, retaining beat and soul and fuzz. Everything from the edgy and classic guitar solos to the vocal-heavy choruses to the hoooooge-chord ascending riffs is pro. The perfect album to round out a day of listening to — a laxative for your brain!



Zed Desperation BluesAcherontas Amenti (World Terror Committee) listen listen
Airbourne Black Dog Barking (Roadrunner) listen listen
Burning Rain Epic Obsession (Frontiers) listen
Circle Six Day Run (Ektro) listen listen
Erlen Meyer Erlen Meyer (Shelsmusic) listen
Extrema The Seed Of Foolishness (Scarlet) listen
» FACT Burundanga (Good Fight) listen listen
For The Broken Aurora EP (Imminence) listen
FACT burundangaGaytheist Hold Me …But Not So Tight (Good To Die) listen
Hebosagil Lähtö (Ektro) listen
Palisades Outcasts (Rise) listen
The Poodles Tour De Force (Frontiers) listen
PTSD A Sense Of Decay (My Kingdom) listen
¤ Svart Crown Profane (Listenable) listen
Timo Tolkki’s Avalon The Land Of New Hope (Frontiers) listen
U.D.O. Steelhammer (AFM) listen
» Zed Desperation Blues (I And I) listen listen


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