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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: May 28, 2013

  • David Lee Rothmund

Humiliation Turbulence From The Deep

Today is bi-polar Tuesday! I love you! Fuck you! Anyway, welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, MetalSucks’ weekly round-up of heavy new releases. This week we present some post-y, gritty, fuzzy albums alongside some ballsack-tapping thrash jams. So get ready for either an emotional journey into the vast unknown or a big fat slap right in the kisser. Muah, baby.


Leprous CoalLeprous
Coal (Inside Out)
On a playlist with: Devin Townsend, Ihshan, Enslaved
Listen “The Cloak” (here) and “Chronic” (here)

Hnnng. Prep your earholes for the cavernous melodies of Coal: dark and black and gritty, but with that voice, oh that voice. From the delicious video for “The Cloak” to the decaying-tempo outro of “Chronic” — not to mention every other second of the album — you get a candied version of Scandinavian prog. Coal is as elemental as it is archetypical, and never lunges out at you with any pretension or flimflam. This means: a) it gives you shivers, b) it makes you say, “god fucking dammit thank you Norway,” and c) it means that you require a new pair of pants after an hour. It’s the kind of album you think’ll lullaby you to sleep at night, but ends up keeping you up, freezing cold and in awe. Get it.


Černá Cerna Restoring Life (2012) CoverČerná
Restoring Life (Domestic Genocide)
On a playlist with: Junius, This Will Destroy You, Explosions In The Sky
Listen “Společně Pt. II : Laying Down In The Rain” and “Restoring Life” and “Isa” (here)

Flowing from beer-heaven Kalamazooooooo, Restoring Life is your daily dose of philosophical dick-rubbing. This one-man-band named after a small town in the Czech Republic (??) gives you an all-instrumental a journey through all the emotionsNaturally, Restoring is exceptionally flowy and even flowery in parts, but also fuzzy and heavy and nasty. Chord progressions and sexy interludes take up any slack created by its lack of vocals; its huge and beautiful discordance-turned-melody renders a singer/screamer unnecessary anyway. Tight, organic, magnificent — the quintessential instrumental jam of this week.


ASG - Blood Drive LargeASG
Blood Drive (Relapse)
On a playlist with: Mastodon’s Crack The Skye, Torche, Audrey Horne
Listen Blood Drive full stream (here) (here)
Read Kip Wingerschmidt and Andy O’Connor MetalSucks review (here)

The intersection of rock and metal lives in ASG’s Blood Drive — simplistically constructed, vocal-focused, yet sprinkled with om-nom proggy bits. Yeah, remember when you were a kid and you wanted rainbow sprinkles on your ice cream? This is the whole cone, and you won’t drop the fucker on the pavement then cry like a little bitch! ASG connects two huge musical lineages without unnecessarily deconstructing them — which fans of metal and non-metal can really dig. Oh and click the link (above) to be mind-blasted with some lovely flowing artwork at its Pitchfork stream. Sure, get trippy. And pay attention to the fourth track, “Scrappy’s Trip,” cause it’s the absolute sex.


Downpresser Don't Need A ReasonDownpresser
Don’t Need A Reason (6131)
On a playlist with: Destrage, The Haunted, Hatesphere
Listen Don’t Need A Reason full stream (here)

I don’t really need a reason to tell you why it would be totally unreasonable to not listen to Don’t Need A Reason. Ha! You know, I should just shut the fuck up and let you listen to Downpresser’s heavy hardcore-inspired smash/groove riffs. Or you could rock all the tracks while you read this — please do — and then you’ll end up unreasonable yourself. Reason is without frills and trinketry, just  headbangable thru-and-thru. And that’s something I can give my <3 to. Quite reasonably, mind you.


Haraball Sleep TallHaraball
Sleep Tall (Fysisk Format)
On a playlist with: Scum, Discharge, Minor Threat
Listen “Well, That Passed” (here) and “Jeremy Smoked” (here)

Meanwhile in Norway, shirtless long-haired badasses go ice swimming while sporting wicked haircuts. True story, though, I love it when our northern friends get all punk/hardcore on us and start writing songs that never really last more than two minutes. There’s something palatable in the simplicity of Sleep Tall, depending of course on your mood at the moment. And if you just spent the last 2 hours cock-rocking out to Leprous, Černá, and ASG, you might want to wait a bit. Or maybe you’ll jump right in — just like our Norwegian badass here – and let the icy death bite your skin raw!


PNDPasadena Napalm Division
Pasadena Napalm Division (Minus Head)
On a playlist with: Scum, Agnostic Front, Circle Jerks
Listen Pasadena Napalm Division full stream (here)

This is what happens when thrash, punk, and stand-up comedy have an orgy-child. You’re probably not gonna like Pasadena in a serious manner — it’s the kind of jam you’re going to giggle to, fuckin’ tee-hee! But no really, there are some solid thrash riffs and lyrical gems to be found deep in Pasadena‘s bowels. And sometimes these bowels are stinky, but don’t let that detract from this is pump-you-up muzak; it’s going to reach into you, turn switches, poke organs, and make you feel better. And if an album isn’t going to blow your mind, at least it can blow your, uh, um, whistle?


burial vault incendiumOTHER SHIT THAT COMES OUT TODAY

Age Of Taurus Desperate Souls of Tortured Times (Metal Blade) listen listen
Alice In Chains The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (Virgin) listen listen
Antigama Meteor (Selfmadegod) listen
Anvil Hope In Hell (The End) listen listen
Black Star Riders All Hell Breaks Loose (Nuclear Blast) listen
Blood Ceremony The Eldritch Dark (Rise Above) listen
» Burial Vault Incendium (Apostasy) listen listen
Gevurah NecheshirionCadaveria Horror Metal deluxe (Bakerteam) listen
Chaostar Anomima (Season Of Mist) listen
Dark Tranquillity Construct (Century Media) listen listen listen listen
Dew-Scented Insurgent (Prosthetic) listen listen
Dio Finding The Sacred Heart: Live In Philly 1986 DVD (Eagle Rock) watch
» Eldkraft Shaman (Poison Tongue) listen listen listen
Gardenjia EPO (Memorial) listen
» Gevurah Necheshirion EP (Profound Lore) listen
Eldkraft Shaman¤ Humiliation Turbulence From The Deep (Deepsend) listen
Iron Tongue The Dogs Have Barked, The Birds Have Flown (Neurot) listen listen listen read
Judas Priest Epitaph DVD (Legacy) watch
Kylesa Ultraviolet (Season Of Mist) listen listen
Christopher Lee Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death (Charlemagne) listen
Lux Interna
There Is Light In The Body, There Is Blood In The Sun (Pesanta Urfolk) listen
Mortuary Drape Tolling 13 Knell reissue (Peaceville) listen
Nervous Impulse Nervous Impulse (Bridge Nine) listen
Sacred Oath Fallen (Angel Thorne) listen
Slidhr Deluge» Slidhr Deluge (Debemur Morti) listen
Sound Of Contact Dimensionaut (Inside Out) listen
Tesseract Altered State (Century Media) listen read
Zombiekrig Den Vänstra Stigens Ljus (GMR) listen


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