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Fred Durst Sucks Off Wes Borland

During a recent interview with Spin, poet, philosopher, and maker of the love, Fred Durst, was asked who attends Limp Bizkit concerts these days. His response?

“Almost half the audience is younger people. I’m so surprised at how many teenagers are here. It’s really interesting. How they’re discovering it, I don’t know. It could be because people tell them they’re not supposed to like it, or their parents grew up liking it. Something is bringing on a younger audience where we are creating a first-time experience and it’s part of a coming-of-age. Will we be able to perform for them when they’re parents? No. There comes a point where I don’t know how dumb I’m gonna look up there singing ‘Nookie.’”

Obviously the funniest part about this quote is the idea that there was ever a time when Durst didn’t look dumb performing “Nookie.” I mean, MENSA’s National Board of Review saw the video for that song and immediately added Durst to their “Denied Membership for Life” list.

Second of all, LOL at the phrase “singing ‘Nookie.’” Is there a single legitimately sung not in that whole song? Maybe the part that goes “Heyyyy, heyyyy” in the background? But that’s a sample, isn’t it? Why, yes, yes it is:

Third of all, if Durst is conscientious enough to fret over when he’ll look dumb performing “Nookie,” how come Wes Borland doesn’t have enough self-awareness to be worried about looking dumb dressed up like a Tiki doll that was manufactured in Wisconsin? Even Sam Rivers looks like he’s had enough of this shit.

Sam Rivers is So Over It

And finally, I call bullshit that half the audience at any given Limp Bizkit show is “younger people”… unless he’s referring exclusively to festival audiences or something, where kids might be there to see whatever actually-relevant band and they check out Limp Bizkit because the line for the Porta Potty is too long and oh what the hell?, you’re only sixteen once, and you ever-so-vaguely recall Uncle Roger really liking that band when you were in pre-school. Wanna know what the fanbase that shows up an honest-to-Christ Limp Bizkit concert in 2013?

Limp Bizkit Fans in 2013

Soooo, yeah.


[via The PRP]

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