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All Who Jam This New Watain “May Bleed”


Watain All That may Bleed

It was three years ago that Watain released Lawless Darkness, one of those mystical, forceful albums that kinda takes over your life. It’s like, for months, u spend a minute each day shaking your head in disbelief that, damn, the chaotic black metal classic sounds even better than it did the day before. Inch by inch, day by day, it grows in stature in your mind and heart until your love for it is a little obstructive to your daily life and a little shrill to your friends (who ask curtly that u shut up about it until further notice).

So here in 2013, very very very welcome is a new Watain jam, “All That May Bleed,” from their forthcoming album The Wild Hunt (out August 20 via Century Media). And sigh, it looks like the cycle of Watain obsession is set to recommence, cuz “Bleed” is awesome, all overwhelming and darkly atmospheric, and bearing at least two monster riffs that are already cycling in my brain (and two shimmery guitar solos oh baby). Plus its mix is beefier and not super scratchy like Lawless. Only problem is that at five minutes, “Bleed” is not nearly enough new Watain! lol Crank it up!

“All That May Bleed” b/w “Play With The Devil” (non-album track) is out tomorrow on fancy colored vinyls and digital download (order options here). 

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