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Juicy Fall Tour Rumor: Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Testament and, uh… Huntress


Lamb of God @ Trocadero- Philadelphia, PA 1/26/12

The PRP hasn’t named a source for the following tour rumor but they’ve proven very reliable with these sorts of reports in the past: it appears that Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Testament will be touring together this coming fall. One date has apparently leaked out:

11/03 El Paso, TX – Socorro Entertainment Center

That’s a pretty sweet lineup, amirite? Lamb of God have been hitting the road hard since Randy Blythe’s acquittal, so if you’ve somehow missed them so far now’s your chance before they presumably take some time off to write a new album. Killswitch Engage make great battery mates for LoG as fellow early ’00s pioneers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement even if each band’s music has since gone in different directions (also: they toured together around 2008 or so, so this’ll be a reunion of sorts). Testament are one of those bands that make pretty much any bill better, so that’s a nice bonus too.

The PRP also claims that boob-metallers Huntress have nabbed the opening slot on the tour. How the hell are Huntress getting all these sweet opening slots? The Rockstar Mayhem Fest is no easy gig to get, and they’ll be on that throughout July with some of modern metal’s heaviest hitters. Immediately thereafter they’re going on tour with Danzig for the month of August. And now they’ll be opening for one of the most stacked lineups of the fall. Why are big tours so apt to take out Huntress? I’d conjecture that Huntress are buying on to these tours (in layman’s terms: paying money to be on them), but I wouldn’t think that a band who had to grovel for $15,000 for a tour bus would have sufficient cash on hand to buy on to anything. Maybe Jill Janus cast her hypnotizing boob spell on Danzig’s and Lamb of God’s managers and the rest is the history? It really is a mystery because I’ve yet to encounter anyone who truly loves this band.  It’d be a lot less mystifying if the band was, ya know, really good or something.

Anyway: tour is still pretty sweet, so go see it. More dates as we get ’em.

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