Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Reader Bracket

Rounds 51 & 52: Slipknot Vs. Marilyn Manson, In Flames Vs. Arch Enemy


rounds 51 and 52

Well, Pantera just CRUSHED Killswitch Engage yesterday, so we guess that answers that. The race between Burzum and Abigail Williams, though, was considerably closer; in the end, Abigail Williams one by a nose. SO CLOSE, VARG!

Vote on the winners of the the next two matches below! The polls close tomorrow, Wednesday, August 1 at 4:30 pm EST. May the most unfairly shat upon bands triumph!!!


The Reverend Manson has already defeated one band of masked metallers — can he do it again? His fate is in your hand!!!

IN FLAMES VS. ARCH ENEMYIn Flames vs Arch Enemy

It’s the battle of the Swedish melodeath bands currently signed to Century Media!!! Only one can advance to the next round… but which one? We leave it to you!!!

THE BRACKET THUS FAR (click to enlarge):Shat Brack July 31


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