This Live Footage of Rosetta Performing “Hara / The Center” is Intense, Man


Rosetta - The Anaesthete

If I had a magic popularity wand that could bestow fame and riches upon any underground metal band, I’d wave it in Rosetta’s direction right this very second. Dudes have been plugging away with quality record after quality record for nearly a decade now and they’ve been touring like maniacs the whole time, but besides their dignity, artistic fulfillment (hopefully) and a small army of loyal fans like myself, they haven’t got a whole lot to show for it; their most recent album The Anaesthete was self-released for chrissakes! How is it that Relapse or Prosthetic or Profound Lore or someone doesn’t wanna scoop this band right up, and how is it that they’re not on tour opening up for Neurosis or Mastodon or even a Kylesa or a Baroness by now? What in the fucking fuck??? Maybe I’m projecting and they’re perfectly happy where they’re at; I hope!

Anyway, Rosetta’s live shows are positively intense. Just watch this footage from All Axis, a new video website that’s set to launch on September 5th. Not only are these guys incredibly engaging to watch, but they sound fantastic too.

You can stream The Anaesthete in its entirely right here, by the way, and purchase it digitally there too.

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