Max Cavalera Doesn’t Have Anything Nice to Say About Sepultura (or Ross Robinson), Wants to Make a Grindcore Album

  • Axl Rosenberg

1201026300_fA site called live-metal.net recently interviewed Max Cavalera, and since there’s a law that says that all interviews with Max Cavalera MUST include at least one question about Sepultura, the interviewer asked Max what he thought about Roots producer Ross Robinson once again working with the band on their new album, Long Title Referring to a Fritz Lang Movie

And a lot of Cavalera’s response was unsurprising/uninteresting (he compares Sep soldiering on without him or his brother to Megadeth continuing without The Daves Mustaine and Ellefson, declares that he’s very busy with Soulfly and “so I don’t really give a fuck about what those guys [in Sepultura] do,” etc.), but one comment did jump out at me:

“Ross [Robinson] hasn’t done anything good in a long time. He had spent the last ten years without anything except Vanilla Ice or some shit like that, which I was like totally disappointed, you know? It’s like, ‘What is he doing? What the hell is he doing recording with Vanilla Ice, man?’ You know, … that’s not cool.”

Now, I’m no Ross Robinson fan — his crap-to-quality ratio isn’t nearly high enough — but I do think if you insult someone, you should try to do so in a way that makes sense. That being the case, I feel obligated to point out that Ross Robinson produced Vanilla Ice’s Hard to Swallow (see what they did there?) in 1998… the same year he produced the self-titled debut of project founded by the former vocalist for a certain revered Brazilian band. Since then, he has made albums with a host of other bands, including Machine Head, Norma Jean, Glassjaw, At the Drive-In, and Slipknot, whose vocalist, Corey Taylor, appears on the track “Jumpdafuckup” from Soulfly’s second release, Primitive.

So for Cavalera to insult Robinson seems a little disingenuous; at best, the sentiment that comes across is “Robinson hasn’t made anything good since he last worked with me,” at worst, that Max is pouty little baby. Just sayin’.

In that same interview, Cavalera discusses the direction of the next album from The Cavalera Conspiracy:

On the other hand–again, I know you’re very busy–but what’s the status of Cavalera Conspiracy? Are we gonna hear any more of that in the future from you and (your brother) Igor (Cavalera)?

Yeah, we’re making another record next year–all grindcore. I wanna do a grindcore record with that.

A grindcore record?

Yeah. (laughs)


Yeah, I think it would be really cool. People haven’t heard that from me yet, and I think people will be surprised. I love that kind of stuff–(bands like) Wormrot, Nails and Pulling Teeth. Just super-heavy with like one-minute songs and kind of old Napalm Death style. I think Igor is going to go for it, man. I think we’re going to pull it out. And then we’ll really shock the world with that.

That sounds very cool, very interesting.

It’s always good to do something new, something exciting. I thought of the grindcore idea when I was going through my music collection, and I thought, “I’ve never done a grindcore album. OK, well maybe it’s time to do one? OK, let’s do it with Cavalera (Conspiracy) … OK, let’s do it.”

Although it seems like it be wisest to start a new project if he wants to go in such a radical new direction, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that a Cavalera-created grind album could potentially be really interesting. It could also potentially be really hilarious. Either way, the world wins!!!

[via The PRP]

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