Celebrate Friday the 13th with Metal Legend and Horror Afficiando Richard Christy

  • Axl Rosenberg


As you probably already aware, not only is Richard Christy an amazing drummer and on-air radio personality, but he’s also a MASSIVE horror fan. In fact, my favorite part of having him at our Comic Con booth in 2011 was geeking out with him about slasher movies like Sleepaway Camp (possibly the greatest film ever made, ever). Dude could teach a course in this shit.

So, brilliant idea: Metal Insider has asked Christy to celebrate today, Friday the 13th, by ranking all the Friday the 13th movies (if you include the 2009 remake and Freddy Vs. Jason, there have been twelve of them) from least-favorite to most favorite. It’s a fun read, even if you don’t agree with his rankings. Which, for the record, I do not. I’d switch his top two choices around and place Jason Takes Vancouver Standing in for Manhattan After a Solid Hour of Boring Shit on a Cruise Ship and A New Beginning (a.k.a. The One Where the Killer Turns Out to be a Fake Jason) way, way lower. Not that you care what I think.

ANYWAY, read all of Christy’s rankings here, then list your own favorites in the comments section below! Remember that you are completely entitled to your opinion so long as you put Jason Lives at #1.

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