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More Always More Meek is Murder!

photo by Dean Landry
photo by Dean Landry

Guys, I can’t think of better way to end the day than with a face-melting new Meek is Murder song. Actually, make that songs, plural – “More Always More” and “Less is More” are actually two consecutive cuts on their new album, Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters, but since their total running time is a whopping 2:16, they’ve been combined into one track for their Terrorizer premiere. Which is even better! When it comes to a band as awesome as Meek is Murder, less is never more.

Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters comes out October 22. Meek is Murder will be part of The Fourth Annual MetalSucks/Metal Injection CMJ Showcase on Friday, October 18 at the Acheron in Brooklyn; the rest of the bill features Fuck the Facts, Fit For An Autopsy, Hivesmasher, and, making their live debut, Stomach Earth. Get tickets here for just ten bucks!

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